Mimison Studio

For all your Production, Tracking and Mixing needs.
Over 10 years in operation ensures your next project is perfect.

The Engineer & Producer


Mimison Studio is a wonderful facility for the production, tracking and mixing of your next project. We offer a warm home atmosphere where everyone is welcome and feels comfortable. Mimison has been in operation for 10 years and in those years we have been a part of some very great recordings.

" Mimison Studios provides a professional studio setting. They have the tools and knowledge to do things right, the first time and the next time."

Anointed Voices of Grace   "The Worship Experience: Because I Believe"
Chazz Reese   Faith
Calvin Richardson   Facts of Life: The Soul of Bobby Womack
Freddy V   Easier Than It Looks
Gary Harris   Here For You
Gerald & Eddie Levert   Something To Talk About
Hart Ramsey   Charge It To My Heart
Ike Stubblefield   Ike Stubblefield & Friends
Klyde Jones   Waltz of the Roses
LaKisha Jones   So Glad I’m Me
Psalm 147 Fellowship   Lift Jesus Higher
Reggie Hines   Live Your Live
Three5Human   Flying Below the Radar
Toni Redd   Straight from the Heart
  N the Key of Redd
  Catching the Redd Eye
William Green   Magic Dream
  Green Valley
  Music 4 Life
Software   ProTools 10
  Logic 8
Mic Pre's   Dbx
Mic's   AKG
Amenities   Control Room
    Tracking Room
    Amplifier Room

Of Course, with today’s technology we have an unlimited number of midi keyboard sounds, drum loops, and plug-ins to create the record that you have longed to make. Please contact us for further information.


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